Dream Lifestyle: Yours in 7 Simple Steps

What is your dream lifestyle? Is it crammed full of exotic travel? Or settled with a loving family around you? Or perhaps you are stinking rich and famous? Or quietly respected within your business field? Regardless of your own particular aspirations did you know your dream lifestyle is possible when you remember the following steps.

1. Let Go of Old Preconceptions of Success
Only when you accept it is possible for you to fulfill your dreams completely, then and only then, can you create the lifestyle you desire. It first begins in the mind.

2. Identify Limiting Beliefs
It might be you need to do an internal search to see what has been holding you back. Just as you would type a keyword into Google to search for something, try a keyword search within your psyche and see what comes up. Try ‘typing’ in words which carry some sort of emotional charge for you and then either carrying on writing to lose this charge, or work with a coach to help let any ‘stuff’ go you may have around success. Or simply just be aware of it and it will lose its power.

3. Visualise What do you want?
Have you ever sat down and really thought about your ideal lifestyle specifically? Have a go in words, pictures, cut-outs from magazines etc. It’s a fun exercise to do and gets you focused on outcomes.

4. Act As If
When you’ve worked out exactly what you want from your lifestyle, the next step is to act as if you have already achieved it. It helps to get you aligned to the end goal and when energy is aligned, miracles happen.

5. Make A Plan
Miracles work better with some planning. It’s always a good idea once you’ve got your goals in mind, to work with someone to help map the way. This could be a business coach, a mentor or even just a good friend who has some business acumen.

6. Take Action
The ideal lifestyle doesn’t just happen, no matter how much we wish it so. You need to take the required action steps. If this means meeting some of your limiting beliefs head on, then full steam ahead! You’re on your way.

7. Reward Yourself
Remember to treat yourself with every success, no matter how small it seems.

Creating your ideal lifestyle sounds easy… and it can be. All you need to do is get out of your own way, picture what you really want, allow yourself to have it and then take the required steps to get there. So why not take that first step? You never know, you might just be one step closer to the lifestyle of your dreams.

How To Choose The Right Home Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important fixtures that you can have in your home. This will not just give you a stylish look but it will it is also functional and useful. There are many furniture shops and designs that you can choose from, not to mention the enormous number of stores that you can visit either at your local furniture shop or in your area or in the internet the sources is really abundant. But the problem arises on where and how to find the right furniture for your home because of the many choices.

The first thing you need to assess when you want to buy furniture is the place where you will put it. Are you buying for your bed room, kitchen, and living room or for your lawn? You also need to consider the theme that you want to achieve, would you like to have traditional, conventional, contemporary look? Your budget is also a consideration, do you have enough budgets to buy expensive pieces of furniture or do you want to find chic furniture which you can afford. The material the your next piece of fittings will be made f should also be considered as there are many materials that you can choose from, wood, plastic, glass, metal, leather and many more. When you already have this thing in mind, it is easier for you to narrow down your choices and hopefully find the best pieces to fit your home.

The next thing in the process of searching for the best furniture for your home is where to find one. When you are not that busy, you can just drive around downtown and look at some of the furniture and fixture in your local shops but if you just cannot leave your home but you badly needed new furniture, you can still have what you need through the help of the World Wide Web. Online, there are a lot of furniture shops where you can browse and find some great looking furniture which will fit perfectly not just in your home but also in your budget.

Furniture is not cheap so you need to look for the one which will give your home the style that you need and will also last for a long time. List down your requirement for a furniture and search it over the internet or at local shops in your area.

Ways to Find Out the Cheapest and Best Airfare for Your Next Travel Plan

There are many tips and tricks that you need to know for getting the best airfare deals. Herein below are some of such tips to help you through your flight search.

Start your search as early possible

Almost all airlines release tickets around eleven months in advance. So you can start researching from the very day you decide about your next trip and continue to check them at least once every week. There are possibilities of fluctuations in air fare, so be ready to act as soon as your desired price is available. Waiting for the best deal may reward you sometimes, but can also be costly and frustrating.

Choose the best time to book your air-ticket

While booking air tickets you must consider to choose the correct time. As the peak seasons, holidays or weekends are expected to have much higher priced flights than the other days of the year. Try and avoid booking within fifteen days of flying or long in advance which is more than around five months. You may also opt for price guidance from a good airfare prediction tool found on the internet to get the best airfare deals.

Be flexible with the travel dates

Try to be flexible with your travel dates to save more money on flights. You must search a few days or weeks on both sides of your desired travel date to know about the top deals available. This is important because getting locked with an exact date can bring more challenges in finding a better deal.

Buy round-trip tickets

Round trip tickets actually cost less, whereas single way cost a bomb sometimes. So even if you are travelling one way you can purchase a round trip ticket in a much cheaper rate and later you can just forfeit the return leg portion. It may sound crazy, but it really works.

Search for alternate airports

Sometimes checking for different airports near you or the place around your planned destination is more likely to fetch a number of options to choose from, among which, if you are lucky you can even find the last discounted seat in the flight bound to your destination.

Consult the travel agents

Travel agents are one of the most useful resource for booking flights. At times, the lowest airfares are only available through travel agents. They can easily beat the best airfare available online and some of them even guarantees to beat any comparable quotes in the market.

Sign up for email notifications

Subscribing to some of the best airline newsletters can help you keep yourself aware about some of the best airline deals that are generally not announced or promoted. Email subscribers get several periodic discounts and last minute deals which can save them a lot of money.

Small Business Failures: 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

Everyone wants to share the upside of small business and entrepreneurship. It’s easy to find helpful hints and inspiring success stories, but what about the dark side – the real insight into entrepreneurship, the mistakes! Small business failures occur every day – actually about 50% of them fail.

1) Venturing Out Alone

So often I find that business owners want to start and remain as a one-man show. Some entrepreneurs trust only themselves, a partner, or a spouse when facing key decisions. However, it is vital to avoid small business failures to have a team supporting you. They should include, an attorney, a CPA and a financial advisor/banker. This team of advisors should be dedicated to helping you succeed and communicating with each other to accomplish this goal.

2) Wearing All the Hats

“A jack of all trades, is seldom the master of one.” One sure way to quickly hit the “small business failures list” try to do EVERYTHING yourself. Cash-strapped startups often begin this way because it is well it, cheaper. However, as your business grows, it’s essential to get help. Responsibilities such as bookkeeping, taxes and payroll take up time you could spend serving your customers. Even more importantly, getting them wrong can be dangerous. Hiring a professional not only helps prevent errors, but shifts much of the risk to someone else.

3) Keeping Your Head Down

Business owners also need to make time to seek wisdom in the wider world. For example, some business owners may not be aware that there’s a fairly simple way to get their website ranked higher on Internet searches.

If you are seeking wisdom every day this is the kind of useful information you will find. Research and planning for the future can’t seem like secondary concerns, especially when you’re not sure where to go for information.

Numerous small business failures occur because business owners aren’t willing to take advice. Whether your quest for knowledge includes online research, trade shows, Chamber meetings, or networking with peers, it’s out on ways to improve your business, such as funding opportunities for small businesses or educational resources to help you tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

4) Running Lean on Cash

Keep at least three months of cash flow on reserve to be ready for season fluctuations of the inevitable dry spell. It is often difficult to do so, especially if you developed frugal habits when you just were getting started. Use automatic drafts to ensure your commitment to saving monthly. Think of it as a sort of insurance policy.

5) Avoiding Credit Applications

This small business failures tip is closely related to Step #4. Minimizing your debt mat be a good goal for your personal life, but most businesses will require some level of borrowing capacity at some point. You have a fresh credit profile with your business, use it! In many cases, if you wait until you actually need credit it can be harder to get.

6) Combining Accounts

Not separating business and personal accounts may be one of the most common small business failures of all. Like any other situation, when it comes to banking, keep your business & personal life SEPARATE! If you are mixing funds, it is hard to keep track of your business cash flow. Building a credit history in the business’ name, which can make it easier to secure financing.

Do any of these sound familiar? To avoid small business failures take a long look at the way you work and follow practices that will keep you moving forward.

Remember, You Can Avoid Small Business Failures

I’m headed for the top, I know you’re coming with me!